Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our schedules

My friends are keep asking me about my homeschooling schedules
so,i share out my schedules here:

The following schedules are for my nursery child:

8.00 Household chores
9.00 Morning Walks
10.00 Snack time followed by Circle time and finish with a story
10.45 Creative play or project based on the story
12.00 Lunch preparation and lunch
1.00 Rest time (napping)
3.00 Craft activity or painting
4.00 Tea break (snack time)
5.30 Outdoor or indoor play
6.30 Dinner preparation and supper
8.00 Indoor creative play
9.00 Bedtime reading/story telling


  1. Very useful. I'm just looking for this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sorry, I forgot one question just now. When do your kids get up?

  3. Jessie,hope it useful to you...
    my kids wake up at 8am.
    Happy parenting *.*