Saturday, August 22, 2009

Letter Of The Week Bb !

Buzzzzzzy Bee by Yen Hui!

As your child shows interest in letters it's a great time to find activities that help foster that interest, and as you may expect my suggestions do not include flash cards!

1. Gather your materials. You will need some white or yellow construction paper, some black paper, a pipe cleaner, some yellow paint , scissors and glue.

2.Draw a large B on your yellow or white construction paper. Cut the outline out but do not cut the insides of the B out, unless you are doing this with an older child, it makes the B very fragile and will probably end up ripped.

3.Have your child paint the B, I am using glitter paint because it's my favorite but you can use whatever you like, or skip this step all together.

4.While your child is painting using the black paper cut out some wings
( the stripes was cutting by herself! *wink*)

5. Have your child glue the stripes on the B.

6. Glue the wings on the underside of the B.

7.Thread the pipe cleaner half way through the B, I made sure I did this at a spot where there was a black stripe to give it extra strength, bend the pipe cleaner into antennae.

8.Let dry and cut out the insides of the B. If you want you can also glue the B onto a full size piece of construction paper for added stability.

who inspired me.
www. notimeforflashcards. com

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