Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fishing today!

We've had a fun fishing by using fish tracing card .
The 'toys' were created by mummy.
We learned Alphabet,Mathematics and color too...
Hope you can try this at home with your kids ! ^^
These are great learning experience through "play" !

Gather your materials and enjoy it today!:

1.Gather your materials. You will need multiple colors of card stock or sturdy construction paper, a marker, scissors, eyelets and an eyelet setter ,or you can also use paper clips!

2.Draw a fish to make a template. Make sure the tail is large enough to write a letter on it. Cut it out and use this to trace all the fish.

3.Start tracing the fish on your card stock/construction paper. I normally trace one for every two fish.

4.Get comfy on your couch, and cut! Layer two or three pieces of paper to make it go faster but be careful , the paper can shift.

5.Add a letter on the tail and a smile too. If you are using paper clips add an eye too!

6.If you are using the eyelet option, add the eyelet as the eye for each fish. The eyelet should be magnetic, double check though since some are so heavily coated with paint the fishing pole may not pick them up!

For Mathematics learning:

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