Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY Felt Board (Fun Learning Materials) ~

School Holiday Art & Craft ' projects:

咳,上个星期去Daiso 败了很多东西回来。Felt 就是其中一样。今天吃过晚饭后女儿和我一起动手做Felt board 。妍惠一向很喜欢做手作。当看见这些我为所准备的材料,她迫不及待地要马上完成它呢!哈



       美国的电视节目《马盖先》就是个很好的例子,他很会就地取材来因应环境的需求,他学了很多东西但是他的大脑并没有因此而爆满,因为他的新知识都能与旧知识挂上钩,好像前面说的光盘片一样,相关的东西都组合在一起了,随时可以灵活应用,这才是学习的真谛。 学校假期应该是给孩子休息一下、喘口气的时间,希望孩子能利用这个机会读一些自己喜欢的书,开拓自己的视野,提升自己的境界。



We now know that there are so many educational benefits to using flannel board stories, or, as we used to call them,flannelgraphs.  Some of these benefits are only now becoming recognized for their importance as we learn more about how critical it is to have a multisensory approach to learning.  Felt board stories are so valuable in teaching children of all learning styles and multiple intelligences.

The use of Story Time Felts by students of all ages encourages a wide range of sensory experiences:
  • Visual - sight, spatial perception, color recognition
  • Tactile - touch, texture
  • Fine Motor - hand/eye coordination, manipulation
  • Auditory - hearing, listening
  • Linguistic- speaking, listening
  • Intellectual - cause and effect, problem solving, patterning, sequencing, math skills
  • Spiritual - values, love, religious study, worship
  • Creative - imagination, make believe, music, drama
  • Life Skills - health, hygiene, manners, relationships, dressing appropriately

And the reason to use Story Time Felts specifically?  All Story Time Felts products...
  • are washable
  • are durable
  • won't tear, crack, or break
  • provide hours and hours of "hands on" experience
  • encourage creativity
  • have realistic looking figures rather than cartoonish ones
  • develop science skills
  • develop math and number skills
  • develop alphabet skills
  • encourage listening, retelling, and creativity
  • are inexpensive
  • are long lasting
  • have high educational value
  • allow you to relax while your children enjoy working with the figures, knowing they can't damage them or be hurt by them


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