Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lev Vygotzky

Lev Vygotzky was a child psychologist, developmental psychologist and developer of an education system around his theories and ideology. Vygotzky's idea was where Bruner derived his ideas from; he was one of his followers. Like Bruner, Vygotzky believed that a child has great potential if pushed to his/her limits and taught by a capable instructor.

Vygotzky's teaching strategies excluded standardized testing and included children as teachers of their peers. He believed that a child should be pushed and that those that are excelling should be used to help those that are lacking behind. He also believed that it is the teacher's responsibility to assess their students' progress and capabilities. Another one of his strategies was that encouragement should be offered to a student "in such a ways that he/she can practice their skill" ("Lev Vygotsky"). The fourth tactic is to promote and supervise the child's personal language. The fifth strategy is to set education in a meaningful framework. And, lastly, the sixth strategy is to "transform the classroom with Vygotskian ideas" ("Lev Vygotsky").

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