Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swiming Fish!

Last week when I ask my daughter -Hui what she wants to do for art projects she has 2 answers this week - "Gold fish" and "Dinosaurs" . The Dinosaur will be posted next week, this is our newest version of a Gold fish craft. I added in some different textures to add a layer of learning, and exploration. My daughter loved this craft I hope you have fun making it!

1.Gather your materials. You will need some color papers ,one sheet of construction paper, some paint or markers, scissors and glue .

2.Start by cutting your papers of circle shapes (children can learns about shape too)

3.Add glue to the construction paper & add the Fish 'head

3. Fold circle to semicircle become fish's eyes ( orange circle).

4. Glue it and paste on fish's body,and then the fish's body(small red circle)

5.Folding another 2 small circle papers both side to become the Fish 's tails.

6.Add your Fish 's tails.

7.Add the water color on and lets try.

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