Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Wonderful Ocean

We've had run this Ocean theme start from last year (long way to go >_< ) . Before that we went to Islands,beaches, doing arts project and so on.
Every week i will arrange 2 hours lesson for my son ,Kuan Seng.

Last week , our learning area is Social Studies . Things prepared before start our homeschooling lesson are a globe , a map and some book regarding Oceans. First, i asked son what he knows about oceans.Then ask what he'd like to know more about (try to keep record of this list and answer his question as you study this book) Tell him that this book is about Oceans . Show a globe to him and ask Question : How much water is there? Look at world map together .Ask child --Is there more land or more water in the world ? Most of the planet is covered by water. In fact 70% of planet earth is water leaving us 30% land. ( Find out from a map and globe ) We also do it in the previous geography lesson.Discuss how the five oceans run /join together. The five oceans: Antarctic Atlantic Indian Pacific Arctic * Note ;different sources present a different opinion on the numbers of oceans . Some sources leave the Antarctic off of the list. Learning area for Art Expression: My son decided to do something he never do. He using poster color to do his drawing . --Wonderful Oceans ! by Son ,Eu Kuan Seng

Resources we used:

materials for expressive arts:
2 cups, a box of poster color, different sizes of brush, plate, newspaper,A3 size paper

The Steps:

used a roll newspaper do stamping on paper to create waves patterns.

Final Touch Up

completed work ^^


  1. 冠胜懂得很多哦!也画得很棒!

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