Monday, July 27, 2009

Letter Lacing Card ,I try it now! ^^

Once again shopping online has forced me to try and see if I could make it myself. I don't need 5 bug lacing cards, I already have too many toys in my family room! So here is how I made one. I used my son's initial, but there is no reason not to make a rocket ship, butterfly or a simple square! ( a great ideal from my favorite blogs that always inspire me ,http: // )

1. Gather your materials. You will need some cardboard ( I am using a cereal box) , some card stock, permanent double stick tape,scissors, a hole punch, eyelets and an eyelet setter. Oh and a fun shoe lace. I let my son pick this out at the store, it's thick so it's won't fall our of the holes easily.

2.Cut your cardboard to a size the will be easy for your child to handle, the older the child the bigger it can be.

3. Cover it with a large piece of cardstock ,(i used laminate) the same way you would wrap a present. This way there are no sharp edges they can play with.

4. Draw and cut out your initial or shape in a contrasting color and using the permanent double stick tape tape it on.

5.Punch some hole around the shape. I messed mine up but ultimately even if they aren't spaced perfectly it's ok, they will still lace just as well.

6.Add your eyelets.

7.Start lacing.

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  1. How good can doing art and craft with yr children.....I did it when i hv my 1st and 2nd...but ...then the 3rd (I have 3 children)I 'no heart' to do with kids bad am I.