Thursday, July 30, 2009

Carl Weter's Education

I'm pleased that to be introduced this 200-year-old book of fame by Ijean some time in year 2006. It's hard to find an English copied nowadays, not even in Amazon. The only original English version is sitting in Harvard nowadays. I'm happy that I found a Chinese version in year 2007 and I've finished reading it in my first round.

I always believe that family education is more important than schooling. And, a stable relationship between the parents can ease any situation when it comes to a parenting difficulty. Carl's educational law gives me some ideas of patience and persistence in pre-child education. And, I can't wait to test it by myself when I'm pregnant, ha!

There's one thing puzzle me from Carl's education law is, how do we apply some of his rules into the 21st babies in this Technology-era? Hmm, I guess LOVE is the answer. Well, this is one of the books that I highly recommend to all my lovely friends - dad and mom!

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    Wow, thanks for posting my article here! I'm surprise! =)
    I can tell you are a wonderful mom and your kids had a lot of fun with you all the time.