Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Criteria For Selecting Story Books

How do you choose story books?

a) Age level appropriateness

* language and words used -simple
* easily understanding
* familiar to experiences of child
* pictures--big,clear and colourful for younger children
* interesting

b) Plot

* interesting
* lots of action
* building to climax,some suspense
* problem solving, decision making
* conclusion satisfying

c) Style

* words,phrases--repeated,rhyming
* silly words
* suprise endings
* direct quotes
* children can participated by
>asking question
-problem solving
-decision making
>Repeated phrase ,rhyming words
>Doing actions
>related songs/rhymes.


* appropriate for today's children .
* the value from those old days to pass down to today's children .
* six-step approaches
* truth in the story

e) Storyteller's enthusiasm

* the storyteller should be enthusiasm in doing so .


  1. That's a nice guide!

    I shall forward this to my friends with kids.

  2. Thanks Colin! your are so nice! ^^
    my sis will go to USA soon....