Friday, December 11, 2009

Health and Domestic Science

Health is wealth. As human beings, in order to stay physically and mentally healthy, we need to eat right, exercise regularly and be able to deal with alleviate stress. We will be able to lead our lives well in terms of carrying out our daily routines be it at work or at home ease.

The same applies for young children .At home ,its parents who play a vital role in ensuring that their children are healthy .This can be done through the provision of a balanced diet and physical activities like bringing them outdoors to recreational parks to play. In school, it is the teachers who take on the role.

However, before they can do so, teachers will have to learn, understanding and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in Health and Domestic Science. Upon gaining expertise in the area, teachers will then be able to educate children about the importance of health in all its aspects. For example teacher can plan appropriate lessons to promote healthy eating lifestyle through cookery.

Once the foundation is laid at a very young age, from then on children will be well aware and capable of taking good care of themselves in the later stages or parts of their lives. In the long run, this also meant that major health problems that our world has been facing like the current HIN1, HIV, and diabetes and so on will be minimized if not totally eradiated. Significant social issues like smoking drug addiction , anemia ,bulimia and so on will also be reduced if children know how the importance of caring for their bodies and minds.

As the future belongs to the children of today, educating them now was as early as possible will give them the wisdom to decide what kind of lifestyle they want to lead when they grow up. Schools and teachers can so their part in helping children understand and come to terms with health issues and to make choices and decisions related to them. For instance, children will have the voice to say no and put a stop to additives and chemicals used in the production of processed food which are harmful to health.

It is also important that teachers have a basic understanding of illness and disorders like epilepsy, asthma and diabetes .Not only will they be able to help children with these conditions, they will be able to support their families and enable the rest of the children to accept them for who they are.

Above are the reasons why Health and Domestic Science should be included in pre-school teacher education.

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