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Chater 4,The correct way to teach children ,

" My son, the real purpose of education is to open the wisdom of his roof, so he was able to keen observation of the bad things in society, insight into a social contradictions and shortcomings. Our human ideals should never be like Adam and Eve, it is only satisfied in knowing that they are exposed to the physical circumstances of life had a happy paradise. To this end, I would never allow her son to become spiritually blind optimist.

Approach to education with the game

After starting from the infancy of education, Karl seems smarter than the children of the same age, more clever, faster reaction, stronger ability in all aspects. I think he's mentally ready, so from his two years old when he began to teach literacy, but this is by no means compulsory. "Can not be forced to teach" This is what I advocate is one of the major principles of education law.
I think that no matter what to teach, first of all must strive to arouse children's interest. Only when a child has interest in, the multiplier can be achieved with good results. The best way to arouse interest in their children is the way the game of education, this approach results in the son's early training years have been revealed.

The game is an animal instinct, so animals love the game. Old cat kitten fun of the tail, puppies and older dogs biting each other frame, which is Why? According to zoologists study, kittens teasing old cat's tail, is to develop its future capacity to be able to bite animals. Clearly, animal training skills to the next generation are carried out in the game.

I am her son's education are based on the methods of the game. First of all, when he was over six months, I was in his room and the walls of about one meter high places thick white paste, white paper with red paper cut-paste text and numbers. In White's another place, orderly paste a simple word, such as: cats, dogs, rats, finishing pigs, rabbits, hats, mats, tables, chairs and so on. Please note that these words are nouns. In another parallel paste from 1 to 10 of 10 line figures, drawing on the music map somewhere.

Because the baby's well-developed auditory than visual, I decided to start teaching his son from the hearing ABC. When I pointed out that the ABC letter, my wife sang like to sing his son to listen to Side. Of course, because Karl, after all, only 6-month-old baby, so he feels like listening to like fallen on deaf ears. However, we no give up , every day for him, giving him, and finally worked, my son has been impressed on the letter, which makes it easy when it was literate he later learned.

As a result of previous experience in literacy teaching his son when I also used this set of methods. ....."







在另一处并列贴上从1到10的十行数字,在某处画上乐谱图。 当然,因为卡尔毕竟只是6个月大的婴儿,所以,他的感觉就像听耳边风似的。 但我们不泄气,天天给他听,给他看,终于奏效了,儿子对字母有了深刻的印象,这使他后来认字时非常轻松就学会了。


Carl Weter's educational law
who inspired me

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