Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Qiqi 1st project based on the story

Today we did a great storytelling .I brought this book 2 months ago. Qiqi is like to read this book very much.I had plan a art's project for her this evening.

Let's start our Picture Book's arts project now!

Materials We Used;water color,sponge,scissor,marker,construction paper
1.Use marker to draw fishes shape .

2. cut it .

3.color prepared. ( * I asked Qiqi to pick up which one for the Fish(black fish).

4. Finally she 'found out' the answer ^^

5.Let's color it .

6.Stamp it!

7. Change another color to do on another fish.

8. Finish stamping..(she is happy with her creation*.* )

9. Add bubbles by using a pen's cap.

10.She want to add another fish...

11.Let dry


  1. 洋洋说:淇淇,酱厉害哦!”

  2. 哈哈,谢谢淇淇的‘男朋友’哦~ >_<