Thursday, May 28, 2009

Letter of The Week B !

I'm asking Hui what is start with B, she said ; Bee ,Butterfly, Bear, ball,book... So we were recited to do a " Butterfly" today ! *wink* processing were shown below;

1.Gather your materials. You will need a paper ,variety colors , a black pen, scissors, and glue .

2. Folding paper to middle

3.Start by pouring a small amount of and red paint into the paper(Let your child decide, it's interesting to see which color that include.)

4.Folding paper again but with variety color instead.

5. Press hard

6. Open sesame! Beautiful colors * She is Pouring color again that she think not be butterfly yet

7. Let Dry

**Qiqi is doing her own 'craft' too! She really felt surprised when open it! ^^

8. cut off a butterfly shape then glue it on a color paper.

9.older kid can draw antenna while small kid we have to help them.

10. Finished!

A bird by Qiqi~

Fun Activities!
B for BODY ! ~ D.I.Y recycle carton boxes by mummy and kids.. That's very funny way to learn too! (physical development) Must try at home wor ^^

Art Activity: Binoculars

We took two toilet paper rolls and stapled them together to look like binoculars, punched holes in the side to tie a long piece of string in for a “strap” of sorts.

Fun Activities

Balance: Have your child try walking with something balanced on their heads.Then try standing on just one leg. Do it while closing your eyes and see what happens!

Balance Beam: Tape a long strip of wide tape down the middle of a hallway floor and walk along the tape line. Can you do it without stepping off the tape?

String Beads: Practice patterning or make a necklace together.

Bounce Balloons: Blow up some balloons and have fun bouncing them back and forth to each other.

Rhymes and Songs

London Bridges Falling Down
Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee


Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle

Useful information by


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