Sunday, May 10, 2009

Imagine Childhood


  1. These images brought back a lot of memory. Playing around the house, with sand, use chairs for the imaginary train...hahaha...I thought that was just us! Good to know that kids are still playing the same way these days, instead of just video games. But I don't remember drawing as much though. You're a good mom to encourage such creative activities.

  2. Dear Colin, thanks for your comments :)
    I just want make it a point to be a better parent to my three little ones... they are growing so quickly hence the need for me to do my best to love them especially so during these crucial formative years...

  3. Your are a great mum and educator. You are one woman I really have great respect and full of admiration. Keep up your good work...not only your children but many others would benefit from your teaching. A strong foundation build on the children when they are young is the greatest asset we can give to them. Your children are really gifted to have you as their mum. God bless!